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Vendor : Pozer

This colour-enhancing shampoo will leave your pooch’s coat white, fluffy and gleaming!

This rich shampoo uses special coat brightening ingredients to gain results, without any harmful ingredients and dyes. Suitable for all coat types. Purple, pearl colour shampoo with a refreshing apple scent.


Move over kitties, it’s the dog-walk now! Pozer believes Pet Vanity is the best remedy to put some strut in your mutt. If your wee Pozer is looking a bit ruff, unleash their inner diva with a Pozer pamper session that will have them Truly, Madly, Deeply in love...with themselves.

If you can’t be good, be a Pozer. We’ve got all the good stuff covered with natural ingredients like almond extract, tea tree oils and antioxidants in our shampoos, tailored to tackle various hair types. We kick up a stink to get long lasting fragrances with natural essential oils that will have your Pozer walking on sunshine. Sound a bit far FETCHED? The Pozer range is developed entirely in Northern Ireland, drawing inspiration from our frosty fresh seas of the Causeway Coast, and our musical heritage for our salon quality shampoos and rocking scents.

Our Lab-reports can officially confirm; they smell like clean spirit. We want to share the love, whether it’s with your Rocketman, Baby Love or Dancing queen, Pet Vanity can help your pup smelling swell/sweet/devine.